Raspberry Pi Cluster Ep 3 – Cài đặt Kubernetes (K3s) trên Turing Pi

Kubernetes Là Gì? Vai Trò Và Các Thuật Ngữ Phổ Biến

(viết tắt là k8s) giúp quý khách hoàn toàn có thể quản lí lý (hoặc “điều phối”) vớ cả những lượng làm việc được chứa chấp vào container của quý khách, bao bao gồm cung cấp, connect mạng, cân nặng bằng tải, bảo mật và mở rộng lớn quy tế bào. Docker hoàn toàn có thể chạy song lập mà ko muốn có Kubernetes, nhưng Kubernetes không thể hoạt động và sinh hoạt mà không có cty container như Docker. Kubernetes giúp chúng ta chủng loại vứt vô cùng nhiều các quy trình tay chân liên quan tiền đến việc và mở rộng những containerized applications.

Tiêu đề video: Raspberry Pi Cluster Ep 3 – Installing Kubernetes (K3s) on the

Độ dài: 00:17:26, Ngày đăng: 2020-05-21 22:01:05

Tác giả: Jeff Geerling

Link gốc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4bfNefjBSw

Trong video này, tôi hướng dẫn bạn cách tìm Raspberry Pis mới trên mạng của bạn và kết nối với chúng bằng SSH. Sau đó, tôi giải thích về Kubernetes và nhiều hương vị khác nhau của Kubernetes mà bạn có thể cài đặt trên Raspberry Pi. Cuối cùng, tôi thiết lập phân phối Kubernetes nhẹ K3s của Rancher trên cụm Turing Pi, đảm bảo rằng cụm đang hoạt động chính xác, sau đó hướng dẫn bạn cách tắt cụm an toàn. Tài trợ cho tôi trên GitHub: Tài trợ cho tôi trên Patreon: Bản ghi và các liên kết liên quan đến các chủ đề được thảo luận trong video có trên blog của tôi: Nội dung: 00:00 – Giới thiệu 01:08 – Sử dụng nmap để tìm Pis của bạn 04:01 – Kubernetes là gì? 05:38 – Nhiều cách cài đặt K8s 07:49 – Cài đặt K3s 10:57 – Chạy playbook k3s-ansible 13:53 – Kết nối với cluster bằng kubectl 15:51 – Tắt hết Pis bằng Ansible 16:54 – Outtro Được đề cập trong video này: Cài đặt Ansible: Cài đặt kubectl: Turing Pi: Kubernetes: K3s :.

Xem thêm:  Kubernetes 1.23 Điểm nổi bật | Kubernetes Tháng này

Container Deployment

Container vô cùng dễ dàng nhằm chạy, những bạn dev có thể dùng container nhằm tạo ra môi ngôi trường để dev trả hảo vào vài giây, tuy nhiên lúc dùng container ở môi trường production thì ko đơn giản và giản dị vì vậy. Điều đó ko có tức là bản thân các container ko hữu ích. Các container đã trở nên trọng tâm chính của nhiều công ty ham muốn tiên phong vào đưa đổi số và có vận tốc ra đôi mắt cty mới mẻ nhanh chóng chóng.

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  1. Why not static config your addresses in sequence corresponding with their slot?
    x.x.x.101, 102, etc.
    To me, using random addresses complicates administration.
    How were the addresses assigned?
    External DHCP or internal on the Turing?

  2. baylinkdashyt

    12:50 So am I correct in inferring that Ansible is going to just step in and shoulder aside any packaging system that was responsible for a file it finds and wants to whack, without informing such packaging system?

  3. Martin Gerlach

    Is it only possible to use CM-3 for the Turing Pi? Is it also possible to use CM-4 instead of CM3?

  4. I want a “bramble” but no clue what to du with it..

  5. This guy is awesome

  6. My Workers don't show up….

    I guess i'll have to dig a little into K3s, Ansible and such….

  7. Mohammad Jamali

    you are awesome, i really like your channel and videos, i suggest you to run a benchmark on that cluster and let us know the result. or even compare it with online benchmarks which are available for that 32-core cpu that you showed in the episode 1, thhaaankks

  8. dean woodward

    There are often too many ways to do anything in the Linux world… there's a reason I preferred FreeBSD, but now there are too many splits of that as well. Le sigh.

  9. which compute 4 variants did you use

  10. thank you…. "kube control" LMAO (i am just that old)

  11. your viceo is greate, but can you please don't move the angel too often

  12. I just went to the website for the Turing Pi, should I now wait for Turing Pie 2? Thanks for these videos! Want to learn kubernetes and want to build my own pi cluster to learn this stuff!

  13. got my cluster set up, went to bed and woke up the next morning with the master node i kernel panic. Try to re flash the image, but the compute module seems to be stuck. Any suggestions to solving this?

  14. Hey Jeff – what are you using to get the role execution time summary at the end of your playbook run? I've been using Ansible for years and I've not seen that before.

  15. lennart rolland

    cssh ("cluster ssh" )is awesome in the early stages: it allows you to ssh into all nodes and write commands simultaneously

  16. Regular Apistevist

    This setup is suited for “computation” not high availability! If you add another master will it be high available?

  17. Why Kubernetes needs so much RAM?
    for what it does (track servers, keep alive pings, re/start & stop apps, impose resource limits, and collect stats AFAIK) I can't imagine why it would need more than 10 MB.
    How it reaches 16 GB?

  18. Curious why you didn't go static IPs and map it that way (worker-1 =, and so on)?

  19. Thank you for the great series. For the life of me I still dont understand what a cluster is used for.

  20. cosmosa odyssey

    Why do you have a douche on your desk lol

  21. 10:19 – I don't think it's because IP addresses never change – because they can as you said. Hostnames also shouldn't change and should technically allow more flexibility over IP addresses due to the abstraction.

    The reason we use IP addresses in infrastructure is to avoid dependency on DNS. DNS is a core service that should be stable and available, however, the isn't always the case and if you can avoid the dependency altogether, your infrastructure will be more robust.

  22. actually, can I use turingPi as a desktop?

  23. Abhishek bhatia

    Have you ever try bitcoin mining on the cluster, if so please share outcomes, Thanks

  24. Bill McCaffrey

    Thanks for putting together this series.

  25. what is the network menu item you are using on your mac?

  26. I think you found the ONLY good use for Ansible! In the enterprise it's almost never the right choice, and when chosen is almost always misused. Ripping it out and putting proper packaging with well thought out lifecycle boundaries is my favourite thing to do 😀 As a kube practitioner in the real world (EKS and GKE) I found this video fascinating and cute 🙂 The last thing I did just an hour ago was save several hundred IPs in a cluster with a weird LAN setup for a customer, almost all of the 768 available IPs on three subnets were being consumed by the default network adapter behaviour, afterwards around 250 free 🙂 And almost the same system that you've got on that ITX board 😀 Neat!

  27. love your videos. i want to use 6 raspberrys to provide different music soundtracks to 6 different areas of a hotel. what would be the best option for this do you think?

  28. David Kornahrens

    What network monitoring tool is that?

  29. Loving your videos mate. Please keep up the method of 'dumbing it down' and adding brief explainers here and there coz it really helps beginners like me learn more about Linux in general/Raspberry Pi etc. 👍🏻

    2:33 – By you opening your 'Sublime Text' app, it's prompted me to ask if you have done or maybe can do a video of your Desktop setup and apps you like to use etc.? (I think I've saved a video of your Desk setup to watch later at some stage already 😉)

  30. Alessandro Amadelli

    Could someone use this to build a mini PC? Is it doable?

  31. Not enough RGB.

  32. Zoltán Kozma

    The choice galore is so true with HA tooling in general not just kube. Sometimes I get the: I just wanted to set up a static webpage… why oh why do I need to choose of 600 avenues… but of course once one gets used to a particular set of tools and best practices the smoke clears and productivity inevitably comes…

  33. Israel Aguasanta

    Can we add RAM to the cluster?

  34. you explain clear but in kubernetes it's not best practices,because in kubernetes if master node fail all worker node also fail for that reason we at least need two master node

  35. Christofer Berruz Chungata

    I was looking for inspiration using Raspberry Pis and this is just gold!

  36. Nmap has support for Windows without wsl. The command line version and zenmap (the GUI wrapper for nmap)

  37. My hovercraft is full of eels?

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