Google to launch ad-blocking software ‘in early 2018’

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Google has revealed it will be launching a software that will allow users to block ads on the websites they visit, a move that could mark a significant step towards the company’s push to take on ad-blockers.

Google has announced a new advertising-blocking platform, AdBlock Plus, that will be built into Google Chrome, which will also support a range of third-party add-ons and apps, and will allow publishers to set their own privacy settings.

Google said AdBlockPlus will help publishers manage ad spending and the privacy of their ads, allowing them to avoid unwanted tracking and other unwanted activities.

“AdBlock Plus is designed to help publishers build a better ad experience, but also to make it easier for publishers to manage their ads on their websites,” the company said in a blog post on Monday.

AdBlockPlus, which was announced in December and launched in early 2018, will help advertisers manage ad spend and the Privacy settings.

The company is not giving details on the amount of advertising it plans to allow in the new AdBlocker, but it did say it will support up to 5,000 ads per day and the first ads will be delivered on October 27.

Advertisers will also be able to opt out of the new system if they wish.

“We have a long history of working closely with publishers to deliver better ads for their customers,” Google said in its blog post.

“Publishers want to be able for their ads to show up on Google’s pages and we want to provide publishers with a platform that gives them that choice.”

That means we’re making AdBlockers available on Chrome and we’re also launching AdBlock for Android.

“The launch of AdBlockplus, along with other new ad-management software from Google, comes at a time when advertisers are facing pressure to be more transparent about what their advertising policies are.

Earlier this year, a consortium of ad-tech companies called The AdGuard Alliance called for the ad-review site to make its policy of allowing advertisers to opt-out of its software transparent and accessible to users.

AdGuard’s chief executive, John Stanton, said in September the firm would start testing a new tool that would allow users more control over the ads they see on their own sites.”

This is a tool that will enable you to change your ad settings and control what ads you see,” Stanton said.”

You’ll be able, for example, to see ads from brands that you’re not affiliated with, from publishers that you may not want to use.

“But he said he could not give an exact date for when this new tool would be available.

Google is yet to disclose details of its AdBlock software, but the company has previously revealed that it would be making a number of changes to its platform to make the process of ad blocking simpler.

Last year, the company introduced its AdSense for Chrome extension, which allows users to manage the amount and type of ads they view on their sites.

Google also said it was making changes to the way it handles third-parties, including blocking them from running ads on its website.

But while it said it would offer users more flexibility in how they manage their online ad spending, it was still unclear when advertisers will be able access the new tools.

In the same blog post, Google also said AdGuard was working with the US Federal Trade Commission to investigate the practice of third parties using its AdWords ad-hosting service to manipulate its advertising metrics.”

“The FTC and the FTC will be conducting an investigation of AdSense to determine whether this practice violates the FTC Act and its rules.””

Google’s AdSense is a service that allows publishers to advertise to Google users.”

The FTC and the FTC will be conducting an investigation of AdSense to determine whether this practice violates the FTC Act and its rules.”

Google’s AdSense is a service that allows publishers to advertise to Google users.

The AdGuard and AdBlock companies are also working on new software to allow users who have installed the AdBlock Chrome extension to control the number of ads shown on a website.

However, the companies have also been working on a new ad blocking tool, called AdBlock Smart, which is designed for people who want to block the ads but do not want the ads to appear in their browser.

The new tool is not yet available, but Google said it will allow AdBlock users to set an additional privacy setting that will prevent AdBlockSmart ads from being shown in the browser.

“With AdBlock smart, Adblock Plus will provide publishers a more robust ad-targeting option,” the Google blog post said.

“By setting this privacy setting, publishers can choose to block AdBlock ads or other unwanted content from appearing on their pages.”

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