How to avoid energy and climate-related disasters in 2017

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Energy and climate disasters are a growing problem for our country and the world.

With the world facing climate change, the risk of climate-driven disruptions, and the potential for energy crises, the need for a solution is urgent.

This article provides a brief overview of the risk factors that can contribute to energy-related disaster in the United States.

Energy, Climate, and Risk FactorsFor a full discussion of these issues, please visit our energy and disaster prevention section.

Actions, Behaviors, and BehaviorTo help ensure that Americans are protected from energy- and climate-, natural- and man-made-related emergencies, we encourage our communities to follow a few simple actions to minimize the likelihood of the following types of emergencies:Avoiding hazardous activities such as driving or operating heavy machinery.

The following steps can help you reduce the likelihood that you will experience an energy- or climate-linked emergency.

If you need help choosing an emergency preparation plan or a resource, you can contact our resources team to get more information on how to prepare for any type of emergency.

Do not enter a hazardous situation.

Do what you can to minimize your exposure to the following conditions:High temperatures and humidity.

Doze off.

Avoid prolonged exposure to air and water, including prolonged periods outdoors.

Stay in your home.

Avoid exposure to other people, including pets.

Avoid outdoor activities.

Get a mask if you can.

Avoid any strenuous activity such as climbing, skiing, or mountain biking.

Do nothing but sit and relax.

Avoid strenuous exercise.

Avoid eating or drinking.

Avoid drinking alcohol.

Do your best to avoid heat.

Do everything you can not to sweat.

Take a walk outside.

Keep your body temperature below 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Stay indoors if at all possible.

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