How to get rid of annoying notifications in iOS 9

Posted by admin

Apple has introduced a feature that can help you keep track of all of the things that are happening to you in the iOS app store.

This feature is called “Reminders” and lets you mark down certain things that you’re interested in.

It can also help you find specific notifications that are on your iPhone or iPad, like new messages, calls, and new reminders.

The feature can also give you a reminder to buy a new iPhone or Mac.

You can enable this feature by going into Settings > General > Reminders.

You’ll see a “Reminder” icon on the top right-hand side of the screen.

This will give you the option to enable or disable Reminders, and it will give an indication of when the reminder will appear.

If you want to disable Reminder for some reason, simply tap the “Disable Reminder” button.

You can also toggle the Reminders on or off from the Reminder settings menu.

Reminders will now appear on the Home screen, where you can tap the home button to see your current reminders.

You should only use this feature if you’re using the default iOS apps.

If your device is out of warranty, you can request that it be replaced with a new one.

This can be done in Settings > About phone > Contact customer service.

If that fails, you’ll need to contact AppleCare for replacement.

You also need to check if your phone is out-of-date, and whether you’ve had a new device delivered.

If the issue is with your device, you need to make sure that you have a new, uninstalled version of iOS 9 installed on your device.

If you have one that’s out-or-back, you should contact Apple Care for a replacement.

Reminder is available on the App Store for free.

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