How to manage your employees in an online world

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The latest tech to take control of your employees is coming to your office.

The BBC Sport team has discovered a new tool that’s been developed by Microsoft that lets you manage employees’ digital identities in a way that’s more efficient and less distracting.

The new tool, Microsoft Employee Identity, lets you create and manage profiles that are shared across a range of Microsoft services, from the personal and professional settings in your online business suite to the individual employees’ personal data and personalised search engine results.

“We’re very excited to be working with Microsoft to deliver the best online experience possible,” said David Mardell, general manager of business development at LinkedIn.

“We believe this is the first time we have seen this type of feature built into a product for a public company.”

Microsoft employee identity features:A single password to manage multiple profiles Microsoft employee identity allows you to create multiple user accounts with a single password.

This feature is currently available to Microsoft employees in the US, UK and Canada.

The Microsoft employee account also has a shared search engine that allows you and your colleagues to search across different Microsoft services and platforms, such as LinkedIn and Windows Azure.

You can create multiple employee accounts with the Microsoft employee ID tool.

To set up an account for an employee, select “Account” from the left-hand menu and then click “Create a new Microsoft employee”.

To create a new employee account, select your preferred email address for your company and click “Edit”.

To change the email address, click “Change email address” at the bottom of the screen.

To edit your employee account’s email address:You can edit an existing employee account in the same way, selecting “Edit” from within the Employee ID tool or by clicking “Edit employee” from a different screen.

You can change your email address at any time.

You are prompted to enter a password when you log in to the Microsoft account.

If you don’t know your password, you can enter it at the end of your login.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll see a list of the employee’s accounts and the company’s email addresses.

From the list, you will see the names of the employees, their LinkedIn credentials and their personal information.

To add an employee to an account, click the “Add employee” button at the top of the list.

To remove an employee from an account:You will see a “Remove employee” option under the “Accounts” menu.

You will need to log in using the person’s login information.

Click “Add” to add an account to an existing account.

To delete an employee’s account:Once you have added an employee account to your Microsoft account, you need to delete an existing user account that has been associated with that account.

You must log in with the same login information and password as the person who created that account, so you can delete the account.

This will remove the account from your Microsoft employee list.

You should only delete a single account per employee, so this will not delete the company from your LinkedIn, Windows Azure or any other services.

You cannot delete an individual employee account at the same time as an employee who is no longer associated with the account, and you cannot delete a company account from the same user account as an individual account.

Microsoft employee ID:An additional feature in Microsoft employee Identity is a shared service that allows employees to share their personal data across multiple Microsoft services.

Microsoft employee accounts are currently available for US employees in Canada and Europe.

You and your employees can use the Microsoft Employee ID service to create a shared profile that is shared across all Microsoft services:Business Outlook, Office 365, Exchange Online, Outlook Mobile, Dynamics CRM Online, Office and Dynamics CRMPail.

The shared service can be used for both employee and company purposes, and each service can have a separate account.

You cannot create or manage multiple accounts for a company.

Microsoft Employee identity:To create an account with Microsoft Employee Identification, click on the “Manage” button.

From there, you must select the account type you wish to create.

Select “Personal”.

Enter your email, password and company name and click the Create button.

Microsoft Employee ID:From the “Settings” menu, you have the option to “Share with all colleagues”.

From there you can choose to add a shared account, or to set up a single shared account.

From here, you should choose which profile you would like to use to share information across all of your colleagues.

From this screen, you are able to edit your individual profile and change the password.

You will need this information to delete the shared account associated with your profile.

To add a personal profile to an employee:To add an individual profile to a Microsoft employee, click a “Managing” button in the upper-right corner of the Microsoft page, then select “Create” from here.

From a list, click Create.

To change your profile’s password:You

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