How you can make your own Office 365 subscription, free of contract and without a contract

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As many as 90% of U.S. employees work for organizations that don’t require a contract, according to a new survey from The Knowledge Center, a research firm that focuses on business and technology.

More than 60% of workers say they’d rather work for an organization that doesn’t require contract, and nearly 30% say they wouldn’t have a contract if it didn’t involve pay, according the survey, conducted for The Knowledge Centers’ new newsletter.

“It is the right thing to do, and we can get there,” said Jim Wurzbach, a former CEO of a small online music publisher who started The KnowledgeCenter in 2014.

“When we have to have a job, it’s more important to be paid than if we don’t.”

The Knowledge Center surveyed 1,000 U.s. workers about their experiences at work and their motivations for working in an organization without a firm contract.

Nearly half said they would rather work at an organization with no contract, with the vast majority saying they would work with an organization where the work was free, or for no pay at all.

“If it is free, I would be more likely to take that job,” said Jason T. Smith, a 25-year-old former sales manager at a medical device manufacturer.

“But it is really important to work at a place where you can be a part of something bigger.”

Many people work at small companies where a contract is required to keep their jobs.

The survey also found that nearly three-quarters of workers would rather stay at an agency where there was no contract than a large one where there is. 

The Knowledge Centers survey found that 42% of employees said they were willing to accept a contract without a guarantee of future benefits, and about one-third said they’d be willing to work without pay if they didn’t have one.

Nearly half of workers also said they wouldn`t have a contractual agreement with an agency unless it was one that guaranteed future benefits and paid a fair wage.

The KnowledgeCenter surveyed 1.6 million U.’s on its platform, with 1,200 of those employees participating in the survey.

The company said it also is using the survey to provide a tool to companies looking to increase employee retention.

For employees who want to avoid a contract but don’t want to have to work with a company where there’s no guarantee of their future benefits (either because of a change in their employer or due to a change of management), The Knowledge centers website provides a free tool for companies to determine whether or not they would like to keep working at a particular agency, or to make an exception to the contract.

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