India’s first digital parking kiosks – video

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New Delhi: India’s National Technical Research Organization (NTRO) has successfully launched a digital parking management system called the Parking Management System (PMS) to help drivers in cities such as Mumbai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai and Ahmedabad park their cars.

The Parking Management Systems (PMs) are the key to reducing traffic congestion in India, which has the world’s largest number of vehicles.

The government has been investing $2.5 billion in the development of the PMS to make it easier to park vehicles.

This is the first time the government has launched a parking management software to the public.

The system, which was developed by a consortium of global technology companies, is designed to assist drivers in managing their vehicle while they are in city centers.

The PMS will have an onboard computer and the software will be made available for free to customers in the next few months, said NTRO Director General Kavita Jain in a statement.

The PMS system is being developed in collaboration with the National Centre for Road Transport Infrastructure, a government body that is working on road safety and environmental issues in India.

Jain added that the government is working with various Indian companies and institutions to launch the system in the coming months.

The National Technical Advisory Board (NTAB) on Wednesday approved the PMs for use in the country.

This would be the first country in the world to introduce this software to all its citizens.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), the Indian Railways (IL) and the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) have already installed the system on their rail systems in several cities across India.

It will be available in the city of Mumbai, where the metro rail system is located.

The metro rail project, started in 2002, has been plagued by poor connectivity and poor safety.

It has been the most congested of India’s roads.

The project has faced challenges because of the lack of sufficient capacity in the metro, which means that the system is not fully operational.

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