Why Google is finally letting us get rid of Google Play services

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Google is giving developers the ability to take their apps out of Google’s Play Store and onto other apps for free, a move that some believe could help to speed up Google’s efforts to grow its ecosystem.

Google Play, which has a $3.99 per month subscription fee, has been a popular source of free apps for years, especially for iOS and Android developers.

Developers have been able to get these apps by creating their own Google Play apps that work with Google Play.

But Google’s change will mean that developers will now be able to create their own apps for both Android and iOS that run on Google Play, and will be able take those apps into the Play Store for free.

Google said that these new apps will be available for download on the Play store and that developers can submit their apps for consideration by Google.

“This change makes it easier for developers to get apps into Google Play for free by reducing the amount of work needed to get a app into the app store,” the Google Play team wrote in a blog post.

“Developers can now create their apps, and submit them for consideration.

The new features are available now for both iOS and Google Play.”

The Google Play Store, which is currently a virtual marketplace, has long been considered one of the major sources of free content for developers.

It also offers a large number of apps that developers want to try before they invest in the platform.

But for many, it has been too expensive for some developers.

And Google’s recent announcement that it would offer a free version of its Play store for apps in the US was seen by some as a blow to free apps.

The move has raised some questions from developers who worry that it could limit their ability to offer paid apps for Android.

Developers may have to fork over money to buy ads on the Android app store or other services to monetize their apps.

But others say that the change is the first step in making Google Play more accessible to developers, as Google has shown it is willing to invest in making the platform more attractive to developers.

For example, the company recently launched a new version of Google Maps for Android, which includes a lot of features that Google Maps doesn’t offer on its iOS app.

Developers can also use Google Play to add third-party APIs that developers could use to build apps for the platform, such as Google Assistant, Google Photos, and Google Now.

Google also recently announced a partnership with video streaming service Hulu, which provides free video to Android users for the first time.

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